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Monaco Residence - Tax and Law

The Principality of Monaco is an independent state located at the Cote d' Azur about 30 miles away from the Italian border. This member of the UN has been attracting high networth individuals and prominent sports and entertainment personalities for decades.

In addition to personal security, the climatic situation and good road and airport connections the Principality offers a highly favourable tax system.

The Principality of Monaco does not know a personal income tax. Neither wealth tax or capital gains tax are imposed. In so far no accounting or bookkeeping is required for private individuals.  

Monaco applies an estate tax / inheritance tax on assets situated in the Principality at rates that depend on the degree of relationship but transmissions to or from ascendants or descendants in direct line, as well as between spouses are tax free.  

Only regarding customs and VAT (value added tax) Monaco is considered to be part of the EU, otherwise the Principality of Monaco is not a member of the European Union. The standard VAT tax rate is currently at 20 %.  

While stamp duties are applied on real estate transfers, no property tax is levied.  

Residence Permit

If you move to Monaco , it is necessary to apply for a residency permit (carte de rĂ©sident). Depending on the individual case several documents have to be presented. In particular the administration demands a criminal record and investigates the applicant's background. Also the applicant has to have a place suitable for living according to his family situation in Monaco either as an owner a tenant or based upon a grant of use by the owner. Further its has to be shown that there are sufficient financial means to live here without working which is normally proven by an attestation issued by a local bank. If somebody wishes to work in Monaco either as an employee or a business owner additional permits are required.  

Citizens who are nota nationals of the EEA or Switzerland need to additionally apply for a French visa.

We are avaibale in to assist your in all related proecedures.

Business in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco offers various advantages as a place of business:

- Central locaton in Europe

- International Aiport 30 minutes away

- multi lingual skilled workforce

- attractive taxation system

Any kind kind of professional or commercial activity including a company formation in Monaco requires the prior authorisation by the local authorities.

Real estate can be acquired without restrictions.

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